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Xmas Card Photo Shoot

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Not sure you could really call it a photo shoot…more like a semi-frustrating, not-as-fun-as-I-planned-it-to-be photo taking. First, dogs are difficult. Second, Brandon doesn’t have much patience for photography. Third, trying to direct people who only own disposable one-time use cameras on how to take the photos is trying.

The whole time I was thinking…"dang I wish I knew someone in San Diego who knew what the look I was aiming for"…a bit harder when you’re in the photo and not the one behind the camera to get exactly what you want.

But, we ended up with some decent ones…we both have differing opinions on which one will exactly be used…the one above is vetoed…first off the sun was blinding us and second, our dog looks like a tubbs (when he’s actually quite slim!) the wierd way he is sitting. Most of the photos are too far away. Even when I set up the camera for people, zoom perfected, "stand exactly where I am and just press the button…", someone always manages to step back. and to the left. or the right….grrr….Much photoshopping to do when we get home!

Still, a BEAUTIFUL day in La Jolla.



Nancy says:

Can’t wait to see the rest! You should share some. Cute picture!

Ali says:

Would love to see all the pics! Sounds like a fabulous day.. love the beach.

Megan says:

I think it looks beautiful I miss La Jolla I used to spend alot of time between Del Mar and La Jolla. Hope all is well…looking forward to seeing the additions to yout CB site!

Courtney says:

OH I love holiday pics on the beach. Cute Cute Cute!

Maria says:

I love this picture! I hope you post some more…I love La Jolla too!

Awe man!!! yOu reminded me that Adam and I still have yet to take our xmas photos!!!
I love that one up there! I bet you got one that was a bit closer that is just perfect!! I wanna see when you are done!

Nicole says:

OMG.. this is me. I have a black lab though but we are the same. Labs are hard (try putting a hat on one!! Then he kept wanting to go to the camera. Meanwhile both DH & photographer are getting mad.. at who? Me! Yes! is it SO wrong to want a decent christmas card photo?

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