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Sept2006_044 Whew, rough morning getting up at 5am to take the parents to the airport.

A fun, busy, great visit. I think they really liked Nashville – they saw just about all of it! ;)

Don’t think they’re moving here anytime soon, but they were happy to see how happy we are here.

A really, really nice visit.

Off to grab another cup of coffee on the way to work…back to the routine!


Becky Cantu says:

That’s a great photo – and your parents are so CUTE!!!
HOpe you get to take a nap today!!!:0)

doris says:

yay for parents visiting!!! hope you got caught up on your sleep. :D

TracieClaiborne says:

Oh they look sweet! Did you take them to Scrap It? LOL

Ali says:

Glad you had fun! Mikes dad is coming to visit us this week.

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