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Last weekend, I (*finally*) churned out 2 layouts to satisfy my creativity hunger.


This was for an Effer Dare a while back playing with the theme "observe". Was excited to use my favorite new Fontwerks stamps (‘hand’ & ‘god’)! And I’m totally digging the Scenic Route paper (featuring various mathcing patterns on one sheet – I just LOVE this concept – every manufacturer should DO THIS. ). I’ve bought up all of their stuff recently from my LSS.


And this was long overdue. I have a whole stack of photos from Breanne’s wedding above, and a few other friends’ special days. I had fun with the above adding a whole lotta fun cluttery stuff. And thanks Sherri, I can’t seem to put the puffy paint down. I want to add it to every thing!

So, there are some good things from today to be put down in writing:

1. Seeing my first lightning bug last week. I just peeked out the backyard a minute ago, and sure enough, there they are out near the woods behind our house!

2. Finishing up designs for the Dulce summer release! I have to admit the whole creative process when it comes to designing is fun, challenging and sometimes, downright tiring from all the thought-processes! It’s a very personal thing for me…and to put it short, at the end of the day, my one burning question is, "will they (you, the scrapbooker) like it?!" And one great by-product of designing something is the urge to create. That’s where I’m at right this very moment. I need to play!

3. And today, we were checking out trees at the nursery…we are going to place a BIG order next week for 2 Red Maples that are already mature,  a few other guys for the backyard, and a cherry blossom tree for the side front yard. Who knew one could be so excited for trees? Well, we are!

4-8. A pedicure. A BBQ. Dogs playing. Neighbors over right now playing pool. And me here with my Miller Lite listening to "Sittin’ by the dock of the bay" and the sound of frogs and crickets outside.

Life is good.

Oh, and Rocco wants to say hello. Crazy dog.



kaylaaimee says:


Hollye says:

I get excited when we go to the nursery to pick out stuff too. I love it when my yard looks great. We just planted a purple plum tree a couple of weeks ago. I love the purple leaves.
Love the dog photo! Can’t wait to see your new papers.

sherrivonl says:

oooo a long post! Finally! Have been wondering how you are doing! I soooo need to come check out your house.
Lucky you at the nursery, I love trees too. I want to do some fun landscaping here, but that is a project for next year. I have to be happy with my flowers this year. Which I was inspired to get out and do because of YOU and your photos of your pretty front porch!
Can hardly wait to see your new papers, I am sure they will be loved by all!
We need to get together soon and have some fun girl time, but I would love to meet Brandon too!
Did you know Betty is moving to Florida this week? :o(

tammy says:

Love the layouts, Amber! Especially the flower one! Scenic Route is cool! Looking forward to your new line!

annkelli says:

I can’t wait to see the new paper!
I am so curious!
Now that you have seen lightening bugs you must catch some in a jar.
It’s a southern thing.
It’s fun!
Love your layouts!
Hope to see you soon.

Adrienne says:

Love the LO’s! Especially the 1st one! BEAUTIFUL COLORS!!!!

elizabeth says:

great lo’s!!!! love those new stamps that you used…will have to remember those.
great blog :)

doris says:

LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the poppies . . . :D
and LOVE trees . . . yay you! :D

Kate says:

Oh man I am so in the same spot right now- creating, finishing up, stressing, freaking, enjoying, playing- it’s all crazy! Fun, but crazy!! Are you going to CHA? We’ll have to hang out if you are there!!

Andrea* says:

Lovely LO’s! Such fun and bright eye catching designs!

Rhonda says:

that layout is beautiful….

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