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Rent the Runway Dress Decisions for Engage!12


Engage!12 The Breakers is less than two weeks away and I’m so excited to meet old friends and new ones in West Palm Beach, Florida. Engage! is presented by Engaging Concepts and is a luxury wedding summit that “brings together the wedding industry’s key influencers and thought leaders from around the globe to exchange ideas, network and be inspired to take their businesses to the next level of success.”

Besides the amazing content and speakers each day, there’s also a little (okay, really a lot) of fun involved. Each evening there is a spectacular event designed and produced by some of the best talent in the wedding and event world. Which gives an obvious reason to dress up!

Which brings me to…about a year ago, I made the discovery of one of the best inventions ever: Rent the Runway.

Rent the Runway allows you to have access to a dream closet and the ability to have a new designer dress for every occasion. You decide on your dress and it’s shipped straight to you a few days before your event, along with a backup size for free. Fabulous, right? Perfect for Engage!

We received a fabulous suggested packing guide in the mail (designed by the always fabulous gifts for the good life) and so the packing planning begins!

I’ll be wearing a cute Lily Pulitzer dress I purchased a few months back and was saving for the perfect occasion. I’ll be pairing it with some grey cowboy boots to wear to the “bowties and boots” Southern Chic Welcome Party. For the two other nights, I thought it would be fun to have some help deciding!

The second night is the Dine Around + Dessert Party and white or silver attire is suggested. I’ve narrowed down my selections to Option 1 and Option 2. Option 2 I may wear a black cardigan during dinner just to take the bling down a notch. :)

The last night is the grand Gala party. You can dress up as much as you like on this night. I wear shorter dresses since I always have an issue with long dresses being only 5’3″. Option 3 is the one I’m leaning toward because it is my signature color and I have some black heels that are very comfy to dance all night long in. I can wear some fun bling to dress it up a bit more, too.  Option 4 is gorgeous as well and still in for consideration.

So what do you think? Let me know which dress I should wear for each night in the comments below!


1 & 3 WIsh I was going with you!!!

Lauren H. says:

I LOVE the Lily dress!!!

Dine around & Dessert Party – Option 1.
I’m not a fan of one-shouldered outfits and the cut on Option 1 is cute.

Gala party – Option 3.
I saw this dress and immediately thought: AMBER! Option 4 is absolutely stunning, but Option 3 is more you.

Please share photos of what you decide.

Cyn says:

#1 and #3 SCREAM Amber! xo

Amy Kinslow says:

Option 2 and option 4, but you will look stunning in whatever you choose!!

candy says:

#1 and #3 most def!! Sounds like a blast ! Have fun :)

#’s 1 and 3 look most like “you,” for sure! I think I want #2 for myself. :) If you’re feeling like wearing something a little different, though, I really like #4 for the gala.

Have fun! I really hope to be at this conference one of these days!

lauren says:

i love 1 & 3 for you! have a great time! :) *

ashlee says:

#1 & #3 FOR SURE!!!! They are so amazing!!! :) And you are amazing too. Love you!!

Andrea says:

My vote is for #1 and #3! Love. Love. Love. them!!

#1 and #3 are my picks. #1 has just enough shimmer to be acceptable for dinner and #3 was made with Amber Housley in mind!!!

Elizabethy, says:

I love all of the choices, I really do. I’m going to vote #1 and #4. I agree, that #3 is so you but I’m encouraging you to step out of the box…..that #4 would look so good on your Insanity figure you’ve been working on ;)

Courtney says:

Yes! 1 & 3 caught my eye as perfect for Amber dresses right away! So jealous! Wish I was going to be there to dance it up with you ladies :) Next time!

Mary Coules says:

Oh how I LOVE any excuse to dress up! So excited for you! What a fabulous event.
So I just love option #1, it is perfect for you and I immediately thought so. I adore #3, the perfect splash of color and in “your” colors! You will look stunning in it all! Can’t wait to see pictures.

hillary says:

I love 1 + 3. Both are adorable, 3 is sooo you :)

My bridesmaids are order RTR dresses for my April wedding! Such a great resource!

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