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Chattanooga Southern Wedding Inspiration

One of our sister cities in Tennessee, Chattanooga, is such a pretty place to get married. It is the perfect city to combine elegance with backyard Southern charm. We’ve come up with a Chattanooga Southern wedding inspiration board inspired by just that.

Chattanooga Southern Wedding Inspiration | Amber Housley | Nashville Wedding Planner

Bridal Gown | Note from Groom | Bouquet | Groomsmen | Jack Daniels Signature Cocktail | Banjo Groom’s Cake

We love the simplicity of this elegant bridal gown and white bouquet. They look classically beautiful against this natural backdrop. A truly romantic idea that many Southern brides and grooms do is write love letters to each other to read before their first look. Writing the letter in a journal is a sweet idea because the bride can continue to use the journal after the wedding.

Bring in some of the Southern backyard charm to your wedding by having a bouquet full of wild berries and tied with a gingham bow. Ask groomsmen to don suspenders, and make sure to take a picture on the bridge! Guests will love getting a taste of Tennessee when you serve Jack Daniels signature cocktails. They will be even more smitten when they see this banjo shaped groom’s cake!

Chattanooga Wedding Venue | Patten Chapel

Chattanooga Reception Venue | Chattanoogan Hotel

Moncrief Photography

Our favorite wedding venue for a Chattanooga ceremony is Patten Hall. Just look how stunning the bride and groom look! Our favorite reception venue is the Chattanoogan Hotel. Really, look at that chandelier. It is beyond exquisite!

Are you planning a Chattanooga wedding? If so, make sure to check out our Chattanooga Southern Wedding Inspiration Pinterest board for more ideas!


Honored to have some of our good ‘ole southern wedding images make it on your beautiful blog.

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