It’s no secret to my close friends and family that it has been a long-time goal of mine to have my work published in Southern Weddings magazine.

To my great delight, the latest issue available on newsstands and online here, features more of my work than I could have ever imagined originally and I’m so humbly thankful and grateful for the opportunity!

Over the next few posts I’ll feature each of my contributions to Southern Weddings V5 and a few behind the scenes highlights.

The first feature is the editorial styling that opens up the five year anniversary issue. Here, Creative Director Emily Thomas and Editor-in-Chief Lara Casey wanted to marry traditional marriage vows with the culture of the South as an opener to the issues focus on love, marriage and ceremony.

The vows were written in gorgeous calligraphy by Lindsay Letters that I bound to a vintage book I had purchased at a barn sale this past Fall in a nearby county. I was saving this deep ocean-navy blue book for the perfect opportunity and this definitely was it!


A pure white magnolia bloom from my neighborhood (that smelled heavenly!), hydrangea, and pink teacup roses clipped from my own backyard garden. And my absolute favorite? That sweet little bible open to 1 Corinthians. It was given to us at the hospital on the day my son Colin was born and now a very special keepsake to our family.

My good friend and fabulous wedding photographer Cyn Kain joined me in Nashville for the shoot along with some other projects we were working on.

Above left: Cyn getting some test shots on the dining room table while Rocco snores away. Middle: In a silly moment during the visit, Cyn decided to dress up Rocco more like her own yellow lab Bella at home. Far right: Colin getting in some after-school snuggles between editing photos and doing email.

Cyn and I are over the moon excited to have contributed such a beautiful spread to Southern Weddings! Stay tuned for more features in upcoming posts.

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