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Engage!12 Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas Recap

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A glimpse at my Engage experience from my instagram feed

Attending Engage! in San Diego last year was a huge, huge dream of mine. I remember pushing the button on the registration form and thinking “what in the world do I have any business attending this conference?”….but I felt the fear, and did it anyway.

Lucky for me, I had one of the best experiences ever! Fast forward to one year later, as I headed on a plane to my semi-hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, and all I could think about was all the excitement, fun and learning that was ahead of me for four days. Of course, Engage!12 Mandarian Oriental did not disappoint. I reconnected with some friends from the year prior, made lots more new ones, and of course gained so much more insight into the luxury wedding market and overal weddings world than I would have sitting home, doing the same old thing.


Tara signing me a copy of Weddings by Tara Guérard featuring the photography of Liz Banfield (adore!)

One of my favorite parts of Engage! is the opportunity to be around some of the best and brightest in the industry in such a comfortable and open environment. Everyone is so willing to share advice and insights. I spent time chatting with some of my favorites – southern wedding planner queen Tara Guerard (and her delightful associate team!), invitation maven Ceci of Ceci NY, and the always fabulous photographer, Jasmine Star.

There are so many fabulous details that goes into the production of Engage! that most of this blog post is going to be dedicated to those extra special details that I LOVE SO MUCH! For a stylist and designer such as myself, just attending Engage! to be the recipient and experience these details is worth it in itself!

Me soaking up some of the welcome on the first day!

My wonderful roommates – Kathy Romero, Courtney Scowby and Cyn Kain. We had SO much fun!

Jasmine Star was the hostess of my lunch round-table. I really enjoyed meeting the other wonderful ladies at this table too. Jasmine challenged us to tell the table what our goals were for the next six months, so we could come back to the next Engage! ready to share our successes in meeting them. Happy to say I’m already on my way! 

A great little quote book that celebrity wedding planner (Kim Kardashian the most recent) Sharon Sacks (below) shared with us.
Loved this quote in particular!

On the second day, former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman stopped by to officially welcome us to Las Vegas. He is a mini celebrity in Las Vegas and always makes public appearances holding a martini and a showgirl on each arm. The best part?! The gal in the red on the right is my friend from high school. We were on the cheer team together. :) Super fun reconnecting with her since it has been about 12+ years!

A glimpse from the (very windy!) welcome pool side party.

Can’t get enough of the La Tavola New York linens. I’ve used these for several client’s weddings.
You can’t go wrong with these gorgeous sequined linens!

Leine Stevens sharing her insights on millennials and the luxury wedding market.
I LOVE smart marketing insights!

In the swag, a delicious recipe with mixing cup and shot glass: red bull, gold schlager
and a red hot lollipop stir stick. Delicious!

Some yummy strawberry pink lemonade during a break.

Gorgeous letterpress programs, menus, and other details galore!

Always love hearing Jasmine Star speak, she is a great presenter!

Another cute shot with Courtney & Cyn

I could listen to this woman (Cindy Novotny) speak ALL DAY LONG. She works with major companies and luxury brands helping improve their customer service. For a gal who loves giving companies and people feedback on how they can do things better, Cindy is totally up my alley. 

I enjoyed hearing Tara Guerard speak about diversifying her wedding business to be more than just the event. I’ve followed her work since I first moved to Nashville five years ago, and definitely look up to her as a successful business owner AND mother of three. Her talent is amazing. Not to mention her very sweet Soiree and Lettered Olive team are so nice! It was so fun chatting with some southern gals while we were all far from home. 

Maria of Ritzy Bee sharing insights about blogging and your business.
Smart gal and even lovelier gal to chat with!

And now on…to the GALA!

Just one of the sweet cocktail arrangements at the finale Gala. 

Gorgeous room setup by Revelry Event Designers

Champagne toast at our table – let the fun begin!

Cover band that plays Boy Band songs?! YES, PLEASE!!

This is what happens when you mix a boy band cover band with a large room of
mainly 30 and late 20 year old’s…full dance floor sing-a-long!

 Really enjoyed meeting Kelly + Maria of Ritzy Bee. I spent some time earlier (in the pool!) connecting with them.

With Courtney & Cyn and the delightful new friend Jacin of Lovely Little Details.
We all danced all night long on the dance floor!

Coral pink was a popular color choice that evening!

Wrapping up another wonderful Engage! experience…

See y’all in December at Engage!12 The Breakers!

For a full recap of what the Engage experience feels, sounds and looks like, check out the wonderful video below:

engage!12 Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas | Day 2 & 3 from I Do Films on Vimeo.


Elizabeth says:

What an incredible experience, Amber! This looks like it was a blast.

Thanks Elizabeth! Indeed it was! :)

Glad to be able to connect (albeit briefly) at this one. Let’s plan on time for a longer conversation at Breakers. : )

Petronella says:

This recap is so inspiring!!! Thanks

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