Amber Housley

Featured in Wedding Planner Magazine Nov/Dec 2012



I’m happy to share that I was included among some of my wedding planner and designer peers in the latest issue of Wedding Planner Magazine November/December 2012.

I was selected to share my thoughts on “What Is Your Secret to the Work / Life Balance?”


“Having clear business hours and only sending correspondence to my clients during that time has been a lifesaver for me. If I’m sending emails or responding to questions after hours or weekends, then clients are going to believe I’m always available to them – day or night. Most emails really can wait until the next business day. Since I’ve set this rule up, I’m more relaxed, focused and enjoying uninterrupted time with my family.” - Amber Housley

Happy to be included in such a great publication for the wedding industry!


[…] SW Vendor Amber Housley was recently quoted in Wedding Planner Magazine, offering tips about managing the work/life balance! See her post here! […]

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