Amber Housley

Off to Engage11!

I’m off headed to Engage11! in sunny San Diego this week. I’m so excited for all the new friends I’ll meet and all the knowledge I will gain for Sweet Life Designs. I feel like I’m at a turning point for my business and I can’t wait for all the shared insights from some of the best in the wedding industry that will be shared with me to take my own business that much farther!

I know I’ve been quiet on the blog the last few months. I’ve been busy putting last minute touches on a new Sweet Life Designs website and also the launch of my new lifestyle & indie biz blog Sweet Tea and Lemonade. Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for all these exciting debuts!

Lastly, I’m excited to share a few photos from my recent photoshoot with one of my best friends, Sara Rose. I wanted some new pictures for the new site and I’m so excited how they turned out. They truly are a reflection of my everyday style! :)

Amber h shots-118

Amber h shots-164

Happy, Excited, Elated, Ready to Conquer the World,



Love the attitude! Good luck with “the next level!” I’m working on that myself!

Kelly Stack says:

i love your pictures! so pretty!!! can’t wait to see the unveiled sweet tea & lemonade!

I simply adore this photo of you in that pink dress! You’re adorable!

I’m across the otherside of the world (Australia) but your wonderful blog and your gorgeous pictures make me want to be your friend! Those pictures are really lovely, no wonder your happy with them! You have a really friendly face, kind of like you give off the vibe of I feel like we’ve met before look, this is friendly and comforting. I’m sure this next chapter of your business will be a success with qualities like that. Wishing you every success!

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