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Southern Weddings Magazine V5 Preorder


southern weddings magazine v5 coverImage courtesy of Southern Weddings

I was thrilled to see the peek shared today of the gorgeous new cover of Southern Weddings! I mean, can it get any more delightful, cheerful and beautiful as this?!

I’m also excited to share that there is some Amber Housley goodness in this issue (!!!) – and it’s some of my best work ever, friends!

Seriously, seriously proud and honored to be in such an amazing publication.

This will be on newsstands Tuesday, November 13 but you can pre-order your copy today here. I can’t wait to receive my pre-ordered copies next week! Did you know they include a hand-written note with each order? That’s a sweet and personal touch only a business in the South could produce!

southern wedding magazine volume 5Image courtesy of Southern Weddings


Thank you so much for your support, Amber! We are truly THRILLED to have you as a part of this issue, and just dying for you to see your work inside!!!

ashlee says:

I ordered mine!! Just so I could see some Amber Housley goodness!! :)

Aedriel says:

Hooray! I’m so excited for you. ;)

Erin says:

Hi Amber! I just wanted to say I love your site! This may be an odd comment, but I love the font in your logo and on your site. Would you mind sharing what it is? I’m looking to add to my font selection. Thanks!

Thanks so much! Congrats to you as well Aedriel!

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