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My view in three weeks: The Stationery Academy


I’m thrilled to report that in just a few short weeks I’m going to be headed to Pensacola, Florida to be a part of the inaugural class of The Stationery Academy! It has been a dream of mine to one day produce a wholesale line of stationery and gift products for the retail market and I’m excited to be able to pair up my already vast knowledge of print production with learning some new tips and tricks of the wholesale stationery market, presented by some of the top experts in the industry. Not only do I get to meet Emily Ley and Whitney English for the first time, but I get to give a big hug to my friend Lara Casey (from my MTH and Engage adventures) who will be there sharing her branding expertise as well.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one of the big highlights of the four day trip…this view:


Yes, there will be a wee amount of beach/relax/rejuvination time on the first day.

The other part I’m really excited about this conference? The connections! In my travels over the last year to Making Things Happen and Engage!11, I have met so many truly inspiring, go-getting, like-minded and creative new friends. Going into a conference knowing NO ONE can seem daunting — trust me, I did it at both MTH and Engage — but in reality, everyone is sharing the same excitement and nervousness. This time I’m walking into this experience with not a hint of nervousness, just a whole lot of happy vibes and gratefulness for the opportunity.

Let’s do this!


What an exciting event to go to! Have a wonderful time on your trip and enjoy that trip! I think some of the best parts of these trips and events is meeting so many awesome people who just seen to be in your wavelength and get everything you talk about and enjoy in your space as a blogger/ designer or what ever it is you are doing. I have a huge week next week with a bloggers brunch with bloggers and brands attending. Then there is a conference of bloggers of about 250 with a full day of masterclasses on everything blogging. There is also several social events happening too. It’s exciting but scary at the same time!

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