Amber Housley

Three Times A Charm

Three years I have been married to the most amazing husband and father I could ever ask God for. He supports me, he grounds me and I'm thankful for the 7 year journey we've been on since we first met. And wow, what an awesome road that lies ahead!

I still remember our wedding day like it was yesterday. 

He asked me in the car the other day what I would have done differently. And I couldn't come up with really anything definitive. Actually, I take that back now reflecting on it…Rocco, our yellow lab, definitely would have been in the ceremony! ;)

Him. Me. Our Family. Our Friends. It was a perfect September day. 

Feeling so lucky and loved by this charming man three years later. Happy Anniversary honey. Love you!



Photography by Dove Wedding Photography. As appeared in Southern Weddings in June 2008. 


Lauren M says:

Happy Anniversary!

roof repair says:

Happy anniversary. You give such nice images. Its very cool and colourful images. I like your post.

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