You’re a business owner with big dreams and a big heart.

You’re tired of playing small.

You’re craving that feeling you had after you first launched your business — the burst of creativity and passion, the sense of complete clarity and focus, the rapid growth and excitement. 

Lately, you have new challenges, BIGGER ideas, and maybe a touch of self-doubt in your way. 

You’re ready to take your business to the next level.

You’re a bit pickier about your (time and money) investments these days, and want to be sure your next step is going to be a fulfilling experience. One that helps YOU grow as a business owner and a person and more importantly, one that includes accountability to get those action plans done!


Inspired Retreat Coterie Mastermind

noun | in·spired co·te·rie
an intimate and exclusive group of brilliant women with a unifying purpose to make their businesses thrive

You’re invited to join an exclusive group of women brought together for five months to achieve bigger dreams in their businesses and willing to commit to taking action to make those dreams a reality.

Combining all of the elements that made my five-year-running Inspired Retreat a success, I’m taking it large step further by extending the time to five months, and adding 1:1 coaching, group coaching, resources, and inspired action plans than ever before!

The Inspired Coterie Mastermind Experience:

Our 5-month experience includes private and group coaching, resources, action plans, accountability, and add-on option for a beautiful beach house weekend retreat, with other bright and positive businesswomen just like you!


You’re invited.

You desire success in business and in life but struggle to find time to focus on growing your business. You’ve taken the online courses, invested in workshops, and implemented the guru strategies… but you are ready for more. Something REAL. Something LASTING. Something that brings you RESULTS. 


Own your success.

We are seasoned business owners who understand the importance of connecting, learning, and growing. But we are also busy working women struggling to balance the demands of family and career.  We need space and support so we can refocus, recharge, and reconnect to our businesses. 

During the Inspired Coterie experience, you’ll:

  • Learn strategies on running a thriving business
  • Discover how to stand out in the marketplace and let your strengths shine
  • Get the high-level marketing strategies that I’m learning in my own business and mastermind groups
  • Receive answers to your questions on our live calls
  • Access exclusive resources and my personal network recommendations to help get the work done
  • Collaborate and get valuable feedback on your ideas
  • Be held accountable for your plans, goals, and timelines

And, you’ll walk away with:

  • Clarity and renewed focus on your life and business
  • Relationships with other like-minded entrepreneurs who will share their expertise and wisdom with you
  • Specific, measurable, and growth-oriented goals
  • Rock-solid implementation and action plans
  • Passion, confidence, and momentum to grow your business

If any of that resonated with you, sweet friend, then this is exactly where you need to be! Join us for all that plus deep conversations and lots of business breakthroughs.

The Inspired Coterie Mastermind also includes:
  • 10 Video Mini-Training Sessions with Amber Housley ($2,497 value)
  • 10 Mastermind Group Coaching Sessions (Twice Monthly) with Amber Housley ($5,997 value)
  • 1-Day Virtual Retreat ($1,497 value)
  • 2 Private 1:1 Sessions with Amber Housley ($2,997 value)
  • One Year of Access to my Blooming Business Kits course & any new trainings or programs I create ($697+ value) 


  • Private Community Group
  • Accountability Partner Matching
  • Special Guest Mentors and Training from my own Inner Circle of Creative Entrepreneurs
  • Exclusive Discounts on future live Amber Housley events
  • Lifetime Access to our Inspired Creative Biz Community
  • Sweet Southern hospitality & a few signature Amber Housley surprises to ensure your experience is as special as you are!

Optional Live Ocean-side Retreat

This optional investment add-on is an opportunity to meet your fellow Mastermind ladies in person for a Weekend Retreat at a gorgeous beach house near the white sands and aqua blue water of South Walton, Florida. Think of this of a working vacation where we’ll build sales funnels and systems by the sea. You can add this live retreat add-on at a later date, so don’t worry about committing just yet!

The in-person retreat is tentatively planned for February 23–25. Invitation and details to follow after joining the program.

Total Value: $13,000+

Get it for $4,250 or five monthly payments of $895

Is Inspired Coterie for you?

You should apply if:

  • You want to dive deep into your business dreams and goals.
  • You want results and you aren’t afraid to work for it.
  • You need a long-term accountability partner.
  • You understand the importance of investing in yourself and your business.
  • You’ve had big wins – or maybe a few setbacks – and you are determined to up your business game.
  • You seek new friendships and connections that will help you grow your business. 
  • You’re a passionate creative entrepreneur and heart-driven designer, maker, shop owner, coach, blogger, photographer, or other women-owned business.


These super-focused training modules will teach you the how-tos on all the marketing tools, processes, and systems you need to move your business forward. (Think: Facebook ads, Google analytics, and planning for your next launch or sale.)


1-Day Virtual Retreat

We’ll spend 6 dedicated hours creating a strategic plan for your business for 2018. Together, we’ll set goals and break them down into strategic projects with manageable steps, so you can start making progress immediately. The virtual retreat will be recorded in case you can’t attend live.


Group Coaching Sessions

Let the group help you discover how to overcome a challenge you face (or tackle an opportunity) during our Hot Seat sessions, where your business is put front-and-center and becomes the focus of everyone’s attention. Learn from others as they share their stories, and I answer their problems or propose solutions.


Amber Housley Courses & Trainings

You’ll receive a year of free access to upcoming courses and trainings from Amber Housley, including Blooming Business Kits. Run your creative businesses more efficiently, with joy, and without the expense of sacrificing family time with training and tutorials on topics such as email marketing, sales funnels, and project management.


HeartBullet-47 Private 1:1 Sessions

Meet me on the front porch for two 1:1 sessions—one to kickoff our experience and another mid-way through the mastermind. We’ll pull together all the tactics and strategies you need to make your newest product launch, business idea or full marketing plan makeover a reality.

Optional Seaside Retreat

During the in-person Weekend Retreat, you’ll spend time with like-minded women working on your business dreams setting goals, and creating action plans. You’ll improve your presentation skills during the Fresh Five session, where you’ll have five minutes to share something you’re passionate about. 

This experience is designed for a limited number of women. 

I will carefully choose a mix of attendees from those who apply in order to create a cultivated group of creative women who will bring out the best in each other. The goal is to foster a trusting mastermind environment where we can comfortably turn to each other to bounce ideas off, inspire creativity, and hold ourselves accountable.


After receiving your submission, we’ll reach out to you and share next steps for joining the program.


“I attended Inspired Coterie to help me figure out what was next for my business. The advice and support I received in creating a plan for a new idea was invaluable. The women helped tremendously in sharing their knowledge and expertise to make it a success.”

– Jennifer F.


“I felt huge breakthroughs in our businesses! This would not have ever happened if we hadn’t had the foundation built and been apart of Inspired Coterie. The experience left me feeling so uplifted, inspired and motivated. Also, the bonding was amazing! “

– Leah R.


“It was an honor to be invited to join this group of incredible, smart business women. Inspired Coterie is perfect for the creative business owner with complex issues who needs advice and support from other seasoned business women!”

– Kim S.



How long is the entire program investment? Five months starting in November 2017 and ending March 2018. 

How do I apply? Visit the form and complete your submission. Selected coterie members will be notified and payments will be processed at that time. If you have any questions before applying or want to chat through if the experience would be a good fit for your business, email me at

How are coterie members selected? I will carefully choose a mix of attendees from those who apply in order to create a cultivated group of creative women who will bring out the best in each other. The goal is to foster a trusting mastermind environment where we can comfortably turn to each other to bounce ideas off, inspire creativity, and hold ourselves accountable. All businesses and levels of experience are welcome to apply. 

Do you have a payment plan available? Yes, you may choose the option of five payments of $895 and we will hold a credit card on file for the automated payment. 

What are the dates for the optional add-on live retreat and where will it take place? The in-person seaside retreat is tentatively scheduled for February 23–25, 2018, but is TBD based on Inspired Coterie member schedules. It will take place at a beach house with the perfect setting for refreshing your heart and your mind. (You’ll discover why I call this part of Florida my home-away-from-home!) You’ll refresh your mind, body, and soul in a beautiful beach house for the three nights we will spend together in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Additional details will be provided to interested Coterie members.

What if I can’t attend the in-person retreat? Not to worry! This is an add-on for those wanting to take their coaching and mastermind experience to another level. It is not required. 

What is your refund policy? All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Have another question not answered here?

Email me at

You’re invited to soak up the sun.

Grab your sunhat, girlfriend, it’s time to join us at the Inspired Coterie Mastermind Retreat — an intimate gathering of creative women who desire real community, thriving businesses, and flourishing families.

Photos courtesy of Gina Zeidler, Amy Nichole,, and Tieks.