Hi! I’m Amber Housley, thanks for stopping by my online home.

Before we dive in, can I get you a glass of sweet tea? Drinking sweet tea on the front porch is one of my favorite ways to soak up life.

If you’ve made it here you’re most likely a mom who loves her family and wants something more in life. You either have been wanting to start a creative business, but you’re not sure where to start.

Or you may have opened an Etsy shop, or sell a service online, and after your first few customers you’re not sure what to do next to grow your business.

You have Pinterest boards filled with thousands of pins of projects you’d like to create or craft, but no time or idea where to start. Leaving you feeling constantly inadequate.

As a creative business and sweet life cultivator, my mission is to help passion-driven mompreneurs profit from bringing creativity into every aspect of their life.

I believe the world needs more whole-hearted creative moms with a passion for running savvy businesses from their home.

I do this by organizing Inspired Retreats, offering Blooming Business KitsThe Joyful Garden Planner as well as speaking at live events.

Sweetening your creative bottom line while working on your own fruitful business gives you even more purpose and your own identity beyond your title as super mom. Plus, you deserve to splurge on a new Kate Spade statement necklace.

Having built three profitable creative businesses from scratch to six-figures all while raising two children under six, I can honestly tell you there is no magic pill or pixie dust that will skyrocket your success…

Balancing family and business is always going to be hard, the trick is to get out of your own way and trust that there are smart strategies to run your business, so you can spend more time creating and being with the people that mean the most to you.

You are capable of building fruitful, meaningful and profitable creative businesses even while juggling a career and family. Spending your time intentionally on your business gives you more time to cultivate your other creative passions and family.

Meet me on the front porch to learn how to stop creative dreaming and start creative doing.

While I don’t have the perfect formula, I can give you the shortcuts I’ve learned from building three businesses in the creative industries.

I want to connect you to a community of creative entrepreneurs supporting each other both online and offline. All of my communities were created and cultivated to help you grow your business into something more substantial, so you can turn your creativity into a meaningful financial contribution to your family.

You don’t have to be from the South to appreciate doing life and business with more meaningful action and heart! Join me for inspiration on building a creative business and living a more creative life.

I can’t wait to get to know you more!




I’m a west coast gal gone southern with an insatiable passion for details. Raised in Southern California and Las Vegas, my first taste for entrepreneurship started at a young age when my mom recruited my brother, sister and I to help with her craft shows. It was a family affair – my dad cut the wood, I helped paint reindeer noses… it was like a little workshop assembly line.



In college, a sorority sister and I made handmade cards that we sold each year during sisterhood weeks. I later opened one of the first eBay shops in 2003. My love for scrapbooking eventually led to a scrapbooking paper and product line in 2006.



That was around the same time my husband and I moved to Nashville and we haven’t looked back. When I moved to Nashville, I started and built my wedding planning and stationery design business, which grew to six figures sales while maintaining my career as a marketing executive at an agency representing billion-dollar client brands.



I learned quickly how to attract the right ideal clients and operate a professional and profitable business that fit not only my busy lifestyle as a wife and new mom, but also around my full-time career.



There was a lot of freedom in finally owning that I did not want to quit my  “day job,” and all the benefits it entailed. My 15-year career in marketing has lended itself immensely to how I’ve operated my business and the growth that has taken place. In fact, I would be the opposite of everyone else these days and tell you, “if you love your day job, keep it too.”



My version of success is different than others. I love the extra income and joy that comes from my business and benefits not only my family – but myself – in so many ways. Now my inner cheerleader cultivated during my high school days has a passion for seeing other businesses succeed, with a special place in my heart for creative entrepreneurs.



Like them I hold the lofty title of family center of the universe a.k.a. mom to two and wife to one. Fully embracing southern culture, I also enjoy sharing home entertaining, gardening, cooking, southern living and fostering brand partnerships on my lifestyle blog at AmberHousley.com.



Most recently I joined the team at Southern Weddings & Lara Casey Media as Marketing Director. I am enthusiastic about sharing the message of meaningful marriages and intentional living! I continue to lead the Inspired Retreats for creative entrepreneurs and support ambitious mompreneurs with coaching, courses and online webinars.


My favorite indulgence are beach vacations in Seaside, Florida with the kids, or Caribbean island getaways when the kids stay home.

I can’t live without 5am morning coffee dates with my husband. They are a necessity before the kids wake up and the day begins.

Sea salt dark chocolate and a glass of sangria should be a requirement for unwinding the week.

I love spending time in our backyard garden growing vegetables and many flowers – from dahlias, to peonies, to hydrangeas.

My biggest weakness is too many Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer dresses and Tieks ballet flats. If Zooey Deschanel’s fun and flirty wardrobe landed in my closet I wouldn’t be upset in the least.

You couldn’t tell by my southern accent, but I was actually born and raised in Southern California and Nevada. I have a big love for baja-style mexican food.

Living a day where you can say “yes” to all your favorite things: your family, your business, your own creative passions is what “success” is defined as for me.

Our yellow labrador, Rocco, is our “first born.” He loves to snooze away at my feet all day long while I work.

I believe it is possible to have a profitable business and life based on doing what you love.


I’m so glad you’re here!

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Amber’s Professional Bio

Amber is a Creative Business and Sweet Life Cultivator. A multi-passionate serial entrepreneur, she founded her first business in 2007 and is now the designer behind The Joyful Garden Planner and founder of Inspired Retreat, an annual business gathering of creative women entrepreneurs.

Her course, Blooming Business Kits, will launch in Fall of 2016 and is made for mama entrepreneurs who want to run creative businesses efficiently, with joy, and without the expense of sacrificing family time.

In addition to her business activities, she is Marketing Director at Southern Weddings magazine and Lara Casey Media, and is enthusiastic about sharing the message of meaningful marriages and intentional living. Her past wedding and design work has been featured in notable media as Southern Weddings, Southern Living, Bridal Guide, Style Me Pretty and Martha Stewart.

Speaking from the stage at Inspired Retreat, Making Things Happen, Stationery Academy, and Altitude Summit conferences, she has covered everything from building your creative business dream to marketing strategies.

Amber has a big heart for helping women build thriving creative businesses and joy-filled lives. She combines her love of business, creating, gardening, faith and family into one ‘sweet life’ with her husband and two little ones outside Nashville, Tennessee.

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