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Life is worth celebrating.

I’m personally inviting you to go on a joyful business journey where you’ll look within and expand forward. 

I know the past couple of years have been filled with challenges and change for many of us. So let’s make this season the season of YOU. 

Business is, too. 

Your joy. Your thriving business. Your growth.

✨Applications for the Next Season Open March 2023✨

Are you ready FOR your most profitable and most joyful SEASON OF business yet?

Deep down inside you know these truths, but are likely too humble to admit them…

You are a visionary and have big dreams for your life and business

You feel called to do more

You desire wholeness in your everyday 

You want to know how you can best serve the world with your gifts. 

You trust that a story is unfolding in this journey and wish to have a guide to help you along the way

You are ready to be a brave-hearted leader and to radiate confidence and joy

You want a long-game strategy and support to bring your vision to life 

You see beauty in the details and believe abundance is available to you each and every day 

You are ready to take big bold steps forward and to align your business with who you really are

the business you first created isn’t going to support the sparkly dream vision you have for your future. Isn’t it time you start finding joy and purpose in your every day? 

To stop building a business that isn’t truly a reflection of where you are going... 

It’s time to pause and get off the hamster wheel of running a growing (and sometimes hectic) business that is leaving you exhausted and feeling inadequate...

You are here for a different kind of strategy — one that helps build the trust in your purpose and see your journey unfold with all new hope and new expectancy.  

Spoiler alert: 

It’s time to stop playing small

Welcome to the Coterie Mastermind:

A collective of women ready to:

amplify their genius

realign with their goals

and collaborate and experiment with other high-vibe female founders. 


Learn strategies on how to run a thriving business and lifestyle

Finally stand out in the marketplace and let your strengths shine

Find clarity and renew your focus for both your brand and business

Gain access to high-level marketing strategies that I’m learning in my own business and mastermind groups.

Form relationships with other like-minded entrepreneurs who will share their expertise and wisdom with you

Receive feedback on implementation and action plans

Learn how to develop specific goals for growth on all your platforms

Are provided resources and my personal network recommendations to help get it done faster

Collaborate and get valuable feedback on your ideas

Are held accountable for your plans, goals, and timelines

Have the opportunity to meet and mastermind in-person 

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“Thanks to the Coterie, I've had my biggest launches ever and best revenue months!”

$15,000+ value for fraction of the investment

YOUR 3-month Mastermind Journey INCLUDES:

A 3-month JOURNEY of growth, support, and joyful expansion is coming soon!

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Private 1:1 Coaching & Strategy "Gardening SessionS" with Amber HOUSLEY ($1500 value)

You'll get one intimate strategy session included to roll up our sleeves and develop an action plan for growth to kick off our season together. You'll get access to booking additional "Gardening Sessions" monthly as needed at an exclusive discounted rate of $195 (normally $1500)

Group Training & Coaching Calls Monthly ($4,500 value)

I’ll share the latest of what I’m learning from own coaches and programs, and will give you real-time resources and support for your strategy and questions

1:1 Personal VOICE/TEXT MESSAGE Access ($2,250 value)

You'll have a coach in your back pocket for accountability, to share progress on goals, or get feedback on the moves you are making in your business daily using the Voxer app

WEEKly MARKETING Audit & Material ReviewS ($4,500 value)

Submit your content plans, sites, courses, emails, marketing materials and more to get a video of personalized feedback that you can implement quickly and efficiently. One of our most popular program inclusions!

VIP Access to Optional In-Person Strategy+Work+Play Retreats

An opportunity and invitation to rest, refresh, recharge, and be reinspired. 
See the magic outside your home office walls and outside your to-do list. Once you're a member of the Coterie, you'll also get access to future retreats as an alum

Private Facebook Group ($1,750 value)

For peer support, feedback, networking, and connection


"If you're looking for someone to push you toward your goals–and give you the strategy you need to get there–then look no further than Amber!

Expect behind-the-scenes of HER business, detailed reviews of what you're working on, innovative ideas, a genuine interest in your success–and the bonus of being surrounded by other women who are doing INCREDIBLE things."


Be led weekly on mindfulness practices and seasonally appropriate writing prompts to help you on your journey of self-growth and transformation


A digital progress tracker on your personal roadmap to goals and growth within the mastermind program

Add your name to the waitlist to be the first to know when we announce the next season of the Coterie.

Applications open March 2023.

In this intimate coaching experience, I foster an environment for growth on all levels. 

After hosting retreats and masterminds for over 6 years and coaching hundreds of women over the last 10 years, I know what it takes to make this experience your most transformative experience yet.


You may not be ready for the Coterie Mastermind Experience if...

In the Coterie, we believe in a nurturing and positive sisterhood. Group participation and support is a necessary ingredient to transformation on a wider scale. If your goal is only to receive what benefits you and not form relationships or interest in other members in the mastermind, this isn’t for you. 

You believe in taking more than giving or you only intend to half-way participate. 


In this program’s capacity, I am a coach, not a consultant. My consultant retainer rates begin at $10,000. While my marketing genius will be available to you in the Coterie for ideation, support, resources and strategic direction, this is not a done-for-you service program. That said, I will save you time and money by pointing you to my tried and true resources. I also will be available to personally audit and review assets you submit weekly for strategic advisement.

You want me to set up sales funnels for you, write copy, or create your landing pages and email sequences.


You likely already have enough people in your life telling you are doing “a good job” when things aren’t working, leading you to believe something is wrong with you. I am here as a coach to offer you honest, direct feedback of what you’re doing right and where you could do better, so that you can get moving in the right direction, pronto. 

You want me to sugarcoat your experience. 


If you’re not ready to roll up your sleeves, get ready to show up, and get to work, I don’t want to waste each of our mutual investment of time and money.

You are not ready to take radical responsibility and ownership for your experience


If you’re not in a place where you can commit to an investment for your business and personal growth, please don’t apply.

You financially are unequipped to make the investment and each month is currently a make it or break it month for you. 


Good for you, if that’s your dream! You just won't find a roadmap to it here. Our collective is focused on sustainable wealth and prosperity beyond flashy status symbols or fleeting success that sacrifices your health, lifestyle and family. High stress business = high stakes lifestyle.

You are dreaming of the big yacht, throwing $100 bills in the air, branded jet and flashy brand influencer lifestyle. 


I'd love to support you in your business. For those who do not yet have a proven offer/product/service and have not begun to build your online presence, I would love to support you with my resources in my other programs

You are in the beginning stages of building your business and brand. 


As your coach, I can promise you I won’t hold back on the vision we co-create together and the steps you’ll take to get there. 

In turn, you get

Amber after dark

serena waller

“I'm tackling goals that I didn't think possible.”

I want to support you in reaching your business goals

which might include...

How to host sold-out in-person retreats, workshops, and conferences for thousands of women

How to land speaking opportunities that share your passion and message with new audiences

How to create a cohesive digital marketing strategy just as the top influencers do

How to map out sales and launch strategies for products that produce hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales revenue

How to build six-figure+ revenues while working full or part-time and raising little ones

How to land television, magazine, and podcast features you've been dreaming of

How to build and create a lifestyle and business that brings you both joy and satisfaction

How to stop dreaming and start doing in your business and life to claim the higher calling you've been called to

I can truly say: choosing deeper work with coaches and mentors is what has propelled me into the next evolution of my business. They have pushed me through the necessary steps to bring about wildly successful programs, launches, and business goals. 

the truth is, none of these big goals matter unless you’re living your joy everyday. 

I can’t wait to learn more about the big goals you have for your life and business... 

But first I have to let you in on a secret:

That you’re passionately stepping into your life with excitement and a heart to serve your clients. 

I can’t wait to unlock that with you on this journey. 

Will you join me for a season of sparkling transformation?

Your business and life must be enjoyed, not endured. 

Brittany Krupnik

“Amber as my coach, and the Coterie program, has made an incredible impact in both my business and life!”

maghon taylor

"Being a part of Amber's Housley’s Coterie Mastermind has given me a sisterhood of women who lift me up and who encourage me and make me feel like I'm not in this alone."

who is this for?

You want to collaborate and connect with other brilliant women.

You want a business that fits into your lifestyle, not the other way around.

You want a community of like-minded women around you who GET IT.

You run an established business, and you're ready to raise your income + your impact.

You want to achieve big dreams, and you're committed to making them a reality.


Meet your coach

I'm amber housley!

I'm a marketing strategist and business coach who founded my first business in 2007. 

I’ve built three six-figure creative businesses, from scratch, all while raising two children under six. I've been featured online, printed in newsmagazines across the country, and even had my television debut on the A&E network. 



And, I'm passionate about raising women to new heights, sharing my smart strategies with other women business owners through live and virtual trainings in my Blooming Business Inner Circle and Inspired Retreat— an annual and nationally recognized business gathering of women entrepreneurs.

I believe in sharing as much as I can with other women who want to grow thriving businesses and a joyful life, too.

that's why I created this business mastermind group for female entrepreneurs.

Balancing family and business is always going to be hard, the trick is to get out of your own way and trust that there are SMART STRATEGIES to run your business, so you can spend more time creating and being with the people that mean the most to you.

In this intimate program, I'll be sharing the frameworks and strategies I use in my own business and for my 1:1 clients... resulting in six figure launches and $1 million dollar+ revenues. I truly believe you need not only the right strategies, but also tight-knit community, and a coach who encourages you to confidently propel your business forward.

I can't wait to support you!

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Applications open March 2023.

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