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helping you grow

a thriving business

and a



You can market your business & host transformational retreat experiences for your customers

in less time


confidence & clarity

alongside a business coach & community

cheering you on.

It is possible to create the customer experiences you want without sacrificing your family time. 

I'll show you how.

There's not ENOUGH TIME in the day to learn and do everything myself.

You’re in the right place if you've ever thought...

there is a better way to live.

Join the sisterhood that is doing life and business differently. 

I can't be a GOOD MOTHER, friend, or partner and a good business owner. 

I am TIRED of doing this alone. I need a COMMUNITY of women to support me. 

I'm ready to MAKE AN IMPACT for my customers. I don't know where to start. I'm lacking a sense of complete clarity and focus. 

sales revenue


marketing plans created by clients + students

sales strategies produced by clients


members of our sweet life sisterhood



years designing and hosting live events & retreats


I’ll share the tools you need to 

work smarter, grow your impact, and have more fun. 

Let’s be real, marketing and retreat planning is constantly changing. Understanding the changes has never been more critical for success in your business. 

Relevant & Timely

Get ready as I break it down step by step for you and share skills and strategies that you can implement right away. 

Practical & Actionable

Less stress and overwhelm in growing your business is my goal for you! My teaching and coaching style is energetic and fun. 

Interactive & Fun

Hey sister!

I'm amber housley!

Amber Housley is a marketing strategist and business coach for women who founded her first business in 2007. 

Marketing Strategy & Retreat Planning Expert

Today, she leads and consults for top creatives and influencers, producing hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue with her sales and marketing strategies. 

Passionate about raising women to new heights, Amber shares her smart strategies with other women business owners through live and virtual trainings like Inspired Retreat–an annual and nationally recognized business gather for women entrepreneurs, and Invite & Delight–a program for everything you need to create, plan and sell a retreat experience.

Her Blooming Business Inner Circle program is made for women want to flourish in business efficiently, with joy, and by staying true to cycles and rhythms of life.

I can honestly tell you that there is no magic pill or pixie dust that will skyrocket your success.

Balancing family and business is always going to be hard, the trick is to get out of your own way and trust that there are SMART STRATEGIES to run your business, so you can spend more time creating and being with the people that mean the most to you.

wanna know more?!

"After working with Amber, I was able to earn in just 5 months what I had previously made in an entire year. Her strategy & support are a game changer!"

Elizabeth Mccravy

"It's incredible to see the transformation not only in my business, but in my marketing. I'm seeing the results I've always wanted."

maghon taylor

I'm thankful to be apart of a community of like minded women celebrating one another and shining in our purposes to change the world!”

chamel evans

"Amber is the best of the best! After working with Amber, I feel great about our next steps knowing that we have a better, more specific strategy under our belts for the long term."

emily ley

"Thanks to Amber, I've been able to narrow down my focus & set timelines. I wouldn't have been able to do it alone!" 

brittany krupnik

“Amber knows how to market without hard sells or cheesy tactics, and she was amazing at making things simpler for me, rather than more complicated.”

Irene Hardy

After working with Amber, I feel energized, capable, full of clarity, and I'm already seeing results!”

Bonnie Bakhtiari

Can I help you?

We are flourishing in business and life. 

I help overwhelmed women like you to grow your audience and business with a marketing strategy that converts, but not at the expense of your family time. My mission is to truly help you live your best life — in both business and at home — with confidence and clarity. 

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